New Public Housing to Come to Medford

MEDFORD, Ore. — Two areas in Medford will likely be home to a new public housing development thanks to a recent agreement between the city council and the Medford Urban Renewal Agency, or MURA. While it isn’t final, the move is a big step in putting an end to over a year of heated debate.

The agreement between the city council and MURA allows for the creation of two low-income housing developments, both 50-units a piece. One of the developments would be located downtown, the other on Spring Street. While the decision isn’t final, it makes the development extremely likely, leaving only procedural reviews like an environmental impact statement.

The agreement is the result of a compromise between the housing authority and city residents, including a reduction in size of the Spring Street complex to avoid blocking the view of the park.

According to councilor Bob Strosser, it does a good job of pleasing both sides, “Ultimately the majority of the council clearly felt that this was in the best interests of our community; and that, in its bottom line, is our charge.”

There still remains some opposition to the project. For example, the city will lose some parking spaces as as result of the downtown housing complex, but Strosser says that he feels confident that it will move forward. Strosser says that this development is a big step towards the city’s goal of providing enough housing for its low-income residents.


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  1. milt says:

    When are they suppose to be completed and how do you apply for one?

    1. jasmin10 says:

      Don’t know when they’ll be done (or started for that matter), but for general information on low-income houseing contact the Housing Authority at 2251 Table Rock Rd. or 541-779-5785.

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