New Proposals Could Impact Miners

rogue 3ROGUE RIVER, Ore.–New rules are being proposed to deal with mercury levels in the Rogue River, but gold miners are not happy about it.

At a hearing Monday night, miners said they are being blamed for a problem that is not their fault. They say the suction dredges they use also help to filter out the Mercury.

Officials said the mercury found in fish in the Rogue River is 10 times higher than state standards. They said this could lead to stricter and more expensive permits for miners.


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  1. RidgeRunner says:

    Scandanavian fish with high mercury levels from atmospheric sources:

    Pre-historic levels of mercury in fish:

    Mercury is a naturally occurring element. Sources of mercury contamination in fish are from air-borne contaminants, mercury bearing soils washed into waters, etc.

    Many sources already exist and continue to contribute to mercury in waters. Mercury exists in water as methylate – can’t see it.
    Therefore, blaming water miners stirring-up existing mercury is basically ridiculous.

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