New Performance Garden at Britt

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JACKSONVILLE, Ore. — This year five out of the ten concerts here at Britt’s performance garden are free. The performance garden is also where most pre-concert music will play before each main stage concert.

At a cost of just over a million dollars, paid for largely by grants and donations, this garden also solved a major program dilemma for Britt, creating a completely separate space and environment allowing Britt to expand its line up, and appeal to a wider audience.

Britt officials say the performance garden offers an area for smaller, more intimate concerts and events for this season. For the first time in 50 years, anyone who needs handicap assistance is able to use new ramps and entrances to the new performance space.

They’ve also upgraded the bathrooms and added a new concession stand. There are lots of other unique things happening at Britt this season. This week local teen musicians got the chance to learn from a group called Project Trio. The experts hope to keep classical music alive.

As far as income from the performance garden Britt says it’s not significant because many of the concerts are before main acts or have a lower ticket price. What is significant is that it enhances the overall experience, which Britt hopes leads to more return visitors. Something else unique to the performance garden is its availability as a rental space, which could lead to revenue for the festival.