New Park to Replace Old Golf Course

Cedar Links 2MEDFORD, Ore. — Medford may soon be home to a new park.  The Medford City Council recently approved a master plan to turn part of the former Cedar Links Golf Course into a community park.

This is a one-million dollar plan that will be getting put into place within the next two years if everything goes smoothly.  Medford city councilor Daniel Bunn said the 5.5 acre piece of land that was purchased back in 2011 will make the perfect place for a park.   This is because the area is already open, grassy, and is on a good road.

Neighbors we spoke with said even though they’re sad the golf course is gone, they are glad to see the land be put to good use.

“I think it’s a good thing,” said nearby resident Dan Vanderford.  “To me you can’t have too many parks in the area, and plus instead of houses it’s going to be a park which is going to be a benefit to me living across the street.”

Before the park is built, the city must go through a community process and public hearing to make sure the park meets citizens’ needs.

The rest of the land, previously owned by Cedar Links Golf Course, is now privately owned.