New Oregon Driver’s ID Considered

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TALENT, Ore. — The state of Oregon is now considering developing a new form of driver identification for specific motorists.

In Oregon like many other states you must provide proof of legal presence in the U.S. before a license can be issued; those requirement could soon change. It was in 2008 where the requirement of that legal proof was made into law in Oregon. Since that time, the Department of Motor Vehicles says the annual renewals for a Class C license dropped 30%.

Governor John Kitzhaber is exploring options to allow licenses without the proof of legal presence or driving privilege cards. Local immigration groups say while this new possible change could help thousands commuting in the Rogue Valley, it’s also a matter of public safety.

Talent Police says the fee for driving with an out of state license after a 30-day grace period can be 140 dollars. That is increased to 260 if you are driving without any type of license. Since 2005, Utah has issued a driving privilege card that must be renewed every year. That program has been successful in maintaining around 43,000 enrolled each year and 75% insured.