New Options For Reporting Sexual Assault

ASHLAND, Ore. – Local advocacy groups and police are working together to help victims of sexual assault in the city of Ashland.

Beginning in the new year, the Ashland Police Department said they will launch a formal campaign for sexual assault reporting within the city. Ashland Police said in a press release that this program is a partnership with local advocacy groups that includes Jackson County Sexual Assault Response Team, Community Works and the Women’s Resource Center at Southern Oregon University.

Ashland Police said sexual assault investigations will now be “victim-centered and offender-focused”. Victims will be informed of different options in reporting sexual assaults, including being able choose how much or how little they participate with the investigative process and being given the option of remaining anonymous.

The goal is to ensure victims of sexual assault feel safe and not pressured. “Offender-focused” means police will investigate how the accused perpetrator targeted the victim, as well as determine if there are other victims in the area where the suspected perpetrator lives.

Ashland Police Department has already set up a website available for reporting sexual assault. Click here for more information.

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  1. POD says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! It’s time that this heinous crime be looked at and investigated in a different way. Survivors need to be treated with much more respect and concern than they have in the past. This crime needs to be addressed as the most offensive violation it is, and survivors should feel safe and protected in both reporting and follow-up procedures.

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