New Online Tax Credit in Jackson County

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ASHLAND, Ore. — There is an economic boost for Jackson County businesses doing work over the Internet. The county can now offer a tax credit to businesses increasing their online presence.

Jackson County is now one of only ten e-commerce zones in the state to include this benefit in its offerings for local businesses. The benefit would provide a 25 percent income tax credit for qualifying companies.

If your company performs most of its benefits over the Internet, is hiring another 10 percent of its current staff, and making at least a $1,000 investment toward e-commerce work you can apply to get the tax credit.

Another community didn’t take advantage of this benefit, so it relinquished it back to the state, opening up a spot for Jackson County to apply to be a part of the benefit.

“We just snatched it right off the table before anyone else in Oregon realized that it was available. There is no more additional options for other communities to seek,” said SOREDI Ron Fox

According to SOREDI, Jackson County’s e-commerce community is more than 14 times greater than the national average. SOREDI executives say this is just another way to encourage businesses to grow the online aspect of its business.

The Yala owner is already trying to take advantage of those credits, so she can grow one of the most successful aspects of the company.