New Officers Join Medford Police Force

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Five new officers are joining the Medford Police force and the lucky few were chosen out of over a hundred applicants.

The police department says those officers went through an extensive hiring process. The department not only checked the officers credit history and criminal record but conducted several interviews and tests.

Two out of five were picked because they were police officers in the past.

“We’re super excited to have more folks on board. We’ve been somewhat short-staffed¬† and looking forward to getting these guys trained,” says Medford Police Lt. Scott Clauson.

“When people call up police, they usually want an officer there fairly quickly, no matter what the situation is. And they don’t like waiting and we understand that.¬† So we’re just hoping to better our response times,” says Lt. Mike Budreau.

The new officers will be sworn in by the police chief on August 16, 2012.