Southern Oregon Job Vacancies Worse

MEDFORD, Ore. — The results from the most recent job vacancy survey have been released by the Oregon Employment Department, and the results for Oregon are worse than the national average.

According to statistics from the Oregon Employment Department, there are about 7 applicants for every 1 job vacancy is Southern Oregon, which is worse than the 5 to 1 average in the state and the 3 to 1 average in the country.

Today, dozens of the nearly 159,000 unemployed Oregonians stopped by the Medford Worksource office, applying to put their name in the running for the 31,000 job openings in the state. While the numbers might not look promising, when compared to the state, officials say there are signs of a turnaround in Jackson County.

“Jackson county is doing a little better according to the latest numbers, not when the survey was completed a few months ago, Jackson County has showed some very strong growth in several industries in the private sector,” said Workforce Analyst Ainoura Oussenbec.

Of the vacancies from the study, nearly three-fourths were full time positions and 65% required no further education beyond high school. Experts point a chain of events before the large ratio can decrease for Southern Oregon. Business must first grow and create job openings before the number of applicants will decrease.