New Methadone Clinic Opens its Doors

Methadone ClinicMEDFORD, Ore. — The new Methadone clinic opened its doors Tuesday.

Allied Health Services moved from its East Main Street location to Murphy Road after city officials discovered the clinic was too close to a day care center. Though, the new location of the clinic is still causing concerns for many residents.

The clinic sits near Asante Rogue Regional Medical Center and a pediatrics center. It’s also just a few blocks away from a residential neighborhood. Parents are worried the patients will come into their neighborhoods and around their children.

One patient NewsWatch 12 spoke with says she is also a parent and trying to recover so she can be there for her family.

“No matter where this clinic is, it has to be somewhere. We have to have this kind of resource. People come from Coos Bay, Grants  Pass, I myself drive from Trail,” explained the patient.

The clinic in Medford serves hundreds of patients in Jackson and Josephine counties.


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  1. single mom says:

    I’m a single mother of 5. I signed up for the clinic after I had surgery and had to take a lot of pain medicine. I’m a recovering alcoholic and addict. I wanted someone else help me moniter my medication. It has helped me continue to be a good mother along with councilors and groups, that help me deal with my addiction. I have children that go to the pediatric doctors office across the street from the new clinic and so do many other people that go there. We are all people who are just trying to be better for our families. Please do not judge us. We work, pay taxes, have children,go to church just like the rest of you.

  2. Mike Bogdanovich says:

    They couldn’t find a less neighborhood-invasive area? There are empty buildings downtown in non-residential areas and there are”for Lease” signs all over in the commercial zones that are vacant. The areas where street drugs are prevalent usually result in vacant busineses that could be rented. I don’t blame the residential neighborhood that complains. And to say “it has to be somewhere” is legit, just not in my neighborhood. The law prevents me from running a legit business in my neighborhood because of zoning, how can a Methadone clinic open next door

    1. George says:

      What exactly is the problem with it being where it is? Just because you don’t like it? If it’s because of the “people who walk down the street”, well I am one of those people, and I don’t even harm a fly. I walk to where I need to go and I stay out of other people’s business. If I ever see anyone in trouble, I help them. This clinic is not a bad place, the patients are not bad people. Anyone who judges people just for coming out of a methadone clinic is like judging every patient that comes out of a certain doctor’s office. It’s completely ridiculous. How is this clinic hurting you, Mike? This clinic is surrounded by businesses. Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean it’s bad.

  3. mark says:

    “…We have to have this kind of resource…”
    NO we don’t!
    IF these folks had shown some personal responsibility, they wouldn’t have screwed up their lives in the first place.

    1. Annie says:

      Absolutely! These people need to learn there ARE consequences to their irresponsibility. Those of us who are responsible have to pay consequences & these people should too. The taxpayers are NOT responsible for these ‘oh poor me” people’s choices.
      I agree they need help but NOT to the detriment of hardworking responsible people & their children.
      & that goes for the ‘medicinal pot’ garbage, too. It all goes together. Irresponsibility breeds irresponsibility.
      How much of YOUR tax dollars go for irresponsible people so they don’t have to pay?

      1. George says:

        We pay taxes too! We all pay for this service, as well. What in the world are you talking about?! We’re all humans. It’s not like this clinic is full of homeless junkies. We have to pay for our services just like you have to pay for your doctor. Sorry to burst your bubble!

      2. AnnaMarie Miley says:

        I’m very saddened by, and angry about, the rampant ignorance so many ‘concerned citizens’ are showing in their responses, to the new clinic. Anyone who responds with the air of the self-righteous, and viciously critical…I wonder, do you have a compassionate bone in your body? Or do you enjoy shaming others, in spite of the fact that you’ve obviously never learned anything about the disease of addiction, or the genuine suffering it causes to individuals and their families. If you had taken the time to learn about the reality of addiction and recovery, you would understand it’s not as black and white as ‘Oh Poor Me’ and taking personal responsibility. For a lot of people, getting on methadone and curtailing/ending their drug use IS taking Personal Responsibility! (and helping to lower the crime rate among many other things) There will always be those who abuse the system, or ‘trade one drug for another’, as so many people seem eager to view methadone maintenance. I’m not sure if any of you (including the man who just HAD to call ‘B.S.’) actually know what medication-assistance clinics do and do not do, for the patients they serve. The general idea, and the ultimate goal, is ‘harm reduction’. This is only ONE approach to addiction, one angle used in treating those with substance abuse issues. There are many other treatment options, most of which focus on abstinence and 12 step recovery tools. Methadone maintenance is for those folks who have tried various treatment approaches, and have not been successful; who’ve tried to remain abstinent from drugs and alcohol, many who’ve been terminated from other programs, and have found themselves unable to stay clean and sober. Methadone AND Suboxone, (every Body is different, what works more effectively depends on the individual) are medications that reduce or eliminate cravings, prevent withdrawal/detox and act as critical tools for patients to gain enough sober time to help them to have a clearer understanding of their priorities and goals in life. The more time they have clean from illicit substances (I understand the majority of people do not see Methadone users as ‘sober’ or ‘clean’, but there is a world of difference between medically administered AND monitored dosing, and using heroin and other street drugs…often times combining substances and various medications which can easily cause seizures and overdoses….Which is why MMT is considered a ‘harm reduction’ approach, not a cure-all), the better equipped patients are, at distinguishing how to manage a more healthy lifestyle, and what is truly meaningful to each of their own lives. Again, this clinic is providing life-saving services and I can see how that may be difficult to understand..at first. Nevertheless, as another person advised, try to open up your way of seeing things, educate yourself before making a snap judgement and then you’ll have an informed opinion, as opposed to a narrow-minded, ignorant one. By the way, a LOT of people who attend methadone clinics are SELF-PAYING patients. Many folks also hold down jobs and pay for treatment through their very responsible EMPLOYEE HEALTHCARE. And yes, there are those who are covered by the Oregon Health Plan, but as I recollect, we ALL pay for such taxes, not just a handful of you, who seem to get your knickers in a bunch over yet another ignorant misunderstanding of the FACTS!! I’ve never met an alcoholic or addict who woke up one day and said, “You know what…I want to be a slave to crack…or heroin…or Vodka!!! I want to be an addict, whom others can put down and shame and call a worthless junkie. That’s what I want to do with MY life!” We’ve struggled with a great deal of shame and judgement, with loads of shoulds and shouldn’ts. Enough, already!! I’d ask you to look within your own heart, to find the patience and tolerance to work at understanding the painful reality that some people are damaged and broken-down, and as a result, they’re searching for a place where they can heal; a place where they can get the help they require to try and regain their dignity, self-worth as well as some measure of self-respect. Irresponsibility breeds irresponsibility? Yeah, and ignorance and intolerance breed…hate and a lack of compassion. Which leaves us where, exactly? I don’t see anyone asking for, or acting as though they’re entitled to, help at the expense of others. That’s the concern, yes? “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” -Martin Luther King, Jr. “The most violent element in society is ignorance.” -Emma Goldman
        Thank You,
        AnnaMarie M.

    2. sam says:

      no sex offenders or active criminals are allowed at allied health clinic, so that is not a concern for neighboring people. also not all of them had a heroin problem even if they did they’re in recovery and weaning off the methadone. Its very beneficial to families of addicts in recovery, and I for one am very very greatful for the option.

  4. Chuck says:

    Methadone is a joke. It’s switching one addiction for another. Allied Health Services is in it to make their share holders some cash. And that it does.

  5. anon says:

    People who are sex offenders or are active criminals are not allowed in the clinic. you have to abide by strict rules to be able to get help from the facility and people there are only trying to better there life. they are also doing the best they can with the situation they are in. they are not all herion addicts. also most of them are on titration plans where they eventually will be clean..have and open mind and open heart..they are people too

  6. sam says:

    a lot of the patients are mothers,fathers,sisters and brothers, have some compassion for people in recovery, ps, your tax dollars are not paying for them, most of them pay for themselves

  7. methadone patient says:

    im so sorry but I have to totaly disagree with all these replys, I’m a patient at the methadone clinic and I think that I have done more then paid my dues, and have already dealt with the consequences of my irrisponsibilities.I dont need people like you continuing to judge me and tell me how you think that I should have to pay… You may or MAY NOT know that its not ony herion junkys some of us are there because some doctor prescribed us some pills that we happened to get addicted to. Your not us , you havent walked a day in our shoes cause if you had you wouldn’t be judging us now. Yah we may have screwed up but instead of make those same mistakes we have choosen to get medical help were we are monitored by profecional doctor. And for all you out there that think that we get to go there for free and that its all being paid for by you tax dollars, well guess what most of us at the clinic pay taxes as well. And there are many of us here t the clinic have to pay every day to get our medicine.
    All I’m asking is for people to stop placing judgment on us that our tryng to change our lives, by reach out to professional doctors where we are monitored. We have all made mistakes how would you feel if some one treated you this same way for some mistake that you had made in your life at some point in time. We’re not all a bunch of herion junkies, criminals, thiefts, We’re everyday folks just trying to get our lives back, the best way we know how. Why wont anyone let us do that in peace

  8. Rick says:

    What B.S.

  9. mother and patient says:

    Look I totally understand what the fears and concerns are…I’m a patient at this clinic and yes I made some very horrible irresponsible choices with my life. I’m a proud mother of two beautiful children and was in such a place in my life that I became something I never wanted and would never wish for anyone…I was about to just give up until I came to the methadone clinic…it LITERALLY saved my life. I’m a completely different person today and I live life to the best. NOBODY is perfect. If any of you saw me on the street you would never think I was a patient at the clinic. You judge without knowing. I admit there are a few DAME idiots that go here but that doesn’t go for all of us. So give us a break. We didn’t pick the new location and we are not here to hurt or bother anyone. We are people just like you trying to live one day at a time.

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