New Mental Health Facility in the Works

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MEDFORD, Ore. — A new non-profit called Compass House is going to take over a downtown building in Medford. It will be modeled like a clubhouse, serving people with mental health issues.

Members of the club will be referred by other mental health facilities in the area. Operating Monday through Friday, the facility will not provide clinical treatment. Members will do everything from reception work, to cooking or coordinating outreach efforts.

The building is more than 3,300 square feet. There will be a kitchen, computer lab, work spaces and quiet rooms.

Anyone with a mental health diagnosis can be referred to become a member of the club. Experts will help them focus on getting back to work, furthering their education and gaining confidence. “It’s really a resource for individuals that have mental illness so that they can actually regain confidence in themselves, more than anything, and go back into the community,” said Compass House’s Matt Vorderstrasse. “It’s a place where they can be them, you know.”

There will be a traditional open house in June and then the facility is set to open on July 1st. Click here for more information.