New Medford Walmart To Open

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MEDFORD, Ore. — After several years in the Rogue Valley, two Walmart locations are shutting the doors Tuesday night. At the same time, a new Walmart is about to open.

The closures are especially disappointing for residents who live behind the Talent store.

“We didn’t realize it was actually going to happen. There were rumors that it was gonna close,” says shopper James Holstien.

“You could just go over there and grab a bottle of milk or loaf of bread or something like that when you were out. It was very easy,” says shopper Robert Hill.

For business owner Erika Lowe, the stores closure isn’t just inconvenient,  it means less customers.

“I do have people that will stop by, make an order and do some shopping and come back,” says Lowe.

But she says with every cloud, there’s a silver lining. Brammo will soon call the Talent Walmart building home and in turn, Lowe sees a new customer base for her store.

“Hopefully we’ll get a new energy into town, a lot of things are changing in this town here and I think this is a natural evolution for where the town is going,” says Lowe.

As for the shoppers who live near the Talent store, they wish the store didn’t have to close at all. But traffic and inconvenience isn’t going to hold them back for long.

“Tomorrow is going to be a bad day to go. I don’t know if we’ll be there tomorrow. But we’ll be going there,” says Hill.

Both the Talent and north Medford stores close Tuesday night at 6 p.m. After undergoing renovations, the north Medford store will reopen next May or June. The doors will open at the new south Medford store at 7:30. a.m. on Wednesday.