New Medford REI Adds Jobs

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MEDFORD, Ore. – Fewer people are out of work in Medford thanks to a string of new businesses opening. The outdoor store REI at the Northgate Shopping Center in Medford had its grand opening Friday morning. Trader Joe’s is set to open on October 19th next door to REI, among several other new businesses.

Overall nationally there are new jobs in health care, trade and transportation jobs, and some in financial services, but in our area part-time jobs in retail are on the rise. The whole country gained a half a million part time jobs in the last month and locally part time jobs will be increasing with the upcoming holiday season; a Workforce Oregon analyst says she’s anticipates a strong holiday hiring season here.

“We’ve heard some evidence, anecdotal from local businesses, that they are confident that they’re going to hire more. So we anticipate big holiday hiring here, which includes retail trade again and some winter hospitality related jobs,” said Workforce Economist Ainoura Oussenbec.

Oussenbec also said the fact that so many businesses are moving into Medford means these companies have faith in our local economy. It means they’re confident in the demand in the area. The local economist attributes this spike in jobs to just the natural course the economy would take after such a severe recession.