New Medford Dog Ordinance Proposed

dog ordinanceMEDFORD, Ore. — Dangerous dog owners could soon find themselves facing fines, and even jail time.

The Medford City Council along with police are considering a new dangerous dog ordinance.  It is still in its beginning stages and was just discussed for the first time Thursday at a council study session.

The proposed ordinance will hold dog owners accountable in the case of an incident, instead of the dogs, and will be tacked onto the current laws in place.

“It’s responsible for all of us to make sure we are taking care of these animals, treating them well to lower their aggression rate, neutering them, teaching our family members to be with them and being good community citizens,” said Kenn Altine, Executive Director with the Southern Oregon Humane Society.

Based on the severity of the incident, pet owners could face criminal charges or be fined up to $3,000.

Medford Police Chief Tim George said the council will look further into the ordinance and decide whether to put it in place within the next two months.