Anonymous Letter Sent in Huson Murder

MEDFORD, Ore. — Investigators are releasing a key piece of evidence in a Medford cab driver’s murder investigation. They believe the author of an anonymous letter sent to them shortly after Huey Huson was murdered could lead them to the killer.

Medford Police officers are asking the public’s help in identifying the author of that letter. Medford Police said that someone mailed a letter to the police department shortly after Huson’s death on October 21st. The person left no name or return address.

Medford Police released pictures of that letter on Monday morning, which show the person who sent it made the envelope out of notebook paper. Investigators are not releasing what was written in that letter, but they do say the information in it leads them to believe the author lives in the 9th and Almond area , the location where Huson’s cab was found.

“There is information on that letter is interesting, and we do believe that person has reliable information in that case, and we would like to identify them and talk tot them. And we can keep their identity a secret as we can, but we want to at least talk to them in person,” explained Medford Police Lt. Mike Budreau.

Last week, city officials and officers went door-to-door for Operation Community Awareness Rejuvenation Effort, an annual project to survey residents for city improvements. During that project, they focused their efforts near the 9th and Almond area, showing the letter to homeowners, but no one recognized it.

If you recognize the handwriting or the letter, you’re asked to contact Medford Police at 541-770-4783 pr submit a tip online at www.tipsubmit.com