New Homeless Rest Stop near Amphitheater

rest-stop.jpgEUGENE, Ore. — The Eugene City Council approved a new rest stop location near the Cuthbert Amphitheater, and it’s not sitting well with homeless advocates or surrounding businesses.

The city-owned property would house 15 people. It’s next to an existing car-camping area near the amphitheater bridge and the Science Factory parking lot.

Homeless advocates say they like the location but want it to be open to more people. People at the Science Factory say they weren’t part of the discussion.

“We’re concerned that this might not be an appropriate place for a homeless camp, given that we are an attraction. We have other neighbors that are also attractions for this area,” said Carolyn Rebbert, Science Factory Executive Director.

“There is a critical mass of people,” said Jennifer Frenzer of the Whoville Coalition. “We just wouldn’t be able to run the camp with 15.”

Councilor Pryor, who drafted the motion, says the main goal is to close Whoville, which should happen by April 15.