New Grocer Another Option To Buy Local

MEDFORD, Ore. — Customers lined up for the opening day of Natural Grocers Tuesday in Medford – the first location in Oregon.

“We go into markets that are a little bit underutilized by other natural foods stores and we try to make a name for ourselves in those markets and I know we have more stores coming to Oregon and we look forward to serving Oregon,” said Natural Grocers manager Scot Forest.

The store offers organic and local products, but a big part of the store is the selection of nutritional supplements available, ranging from calcium to magnesium.

“We really enjoy that people will supplement their diet of food with supplementation. I have a nutritional health coach on staff who will give free personal seminars,” said Forest.

Across town at the Medford Food Co-op, local Oregon-based products stock the shelves.

“Many of our bulk foods are provided out of Eugene by a company called Hummingbird Wholesale, a tremendous ‘mom and pop’ organization,” said Medford Food Co-op General Manager Emile Amarotico.¬†Amarotico said more platforms for local vendors to sell the products will have a positive impact for the growers.

“I think local growers and local producers will benefit tremendously by having yet another player in the valley that represents natural and organic foods and carries these products for them,” said Amarotico.

Amarotico said local organic options help promote a healthier local economy.

“They offer, as we do, organic produce and that’s tremendous, if they are supporting local farms, that’s even better,” said Amarotico.

Natural Grocers offer a more limited selection of local products for now, but store officials hope to add more local products as times goes on.

“We carry a lot of local honey and as we get bigger and bigger we hope to bring more vendors in,” said Forest.