New Grant Aims to Improve Learning

Rp MeetingEAGLE POINT, Ore. — After receiving a grant from the state, the first collaborative meeting between school District 9 teachers and administrators wrapped up on Monday, all with the focus on making educators even more effective.

A $30,000 grant from the Oregon Department of Education has brought five teachers, five administrators and others from the Eagle Point School District together to bounce ideas off of each other on how to improve the school district.

Four areas in particular, career pathways, professional development, evaluation systems and compensation models, are the target of the collaborative meetings. Those areas all center on those within the school district and not specific to the students, but those with the new project say it all improves student’s learning.

“We’re really focusing on student achievement and improvement and this grant, specifically, allows us to streamline that process and improve on things that we’ve already been doing,” said Janelle Reed, a science teacher and project director.

This grant is only the first step in a process that could award upwards of a million dollars over three years to help execute the blueprint formed during these meetings. The collaborative meetings will continue into the spring when a blueprint can be formed and the school district can apply for more funds to execute that design.