New General Manager for Medford Co-op

Medford Food Co-op

MEDFORD, Ore. — After roughly four months of searching, the Medford Food Co-op has its new general manager.

Anne Carter is replacing departed GM Emile Amarotico, who announced he was leaving to helm Ashland’s Food Co-op back in April.

Carter comes from 10 years leading a similar cooperative in Virginia, Minnesota. She says this a much larger-scale operation, and she hopes to turn it into a focal point in the community.

“Where people come not just to buy healthy food, but also to visit with friends, learn healthier eating habits, you know, socialize too,” Carter commented.

Carter is the second general manager since the Co-op opened two years ago. Board members say their goal is to have it bringing in a net profit by the end of its third year.


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  1. Ed says:

    They couldn’t find somebody here? They have to bring somebody in from out of state, another local person looses a job.

    1. Steven says:

      There is not a fixed number of jobs that must be divided among the local residents and people from out of town. Jobs are created by businesses and the number of open positions is limited only by the success of the business. Each day, there are more or fewer local jobs depending on the success of the local businesses.

      When a local business hires the best qualified candidate that business will grow faster than it would if it hired a less qualified candidate merely because that candidate was a local resident. As a result, the local residents have more jobs to chose from than they would if a less qualified local candidate were hired.

  2. mark says:

    “Board members say their goal is to have it bringing in a net profit by the end of its third year.”
    Wow, that a novel idea! Obvious how they landed on the “board,” eh?
    What I’m wondering is, how can they go three years without making a profit?

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