New Fire Station Plan in Medford

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MEDFORD, Ore. — After years of talk, the Medford Fire Department is making plans to move its smallest and most outdated fire station to a new location.

On Thursday, the Medford City Council gave the OK to a plan to buy a one and a third acre parcel on West Stewart Avenue on which to build a new Station Number 2.

The old Station 2 has been at a crowded corner on West 8th Street for 60 years and now that this land is available for $337,000, fire officials say it’s time to think of moving.

“So this actually would put us in a better position, um, strategically-wise to uh, meet some of those calls. Plus anything closer to the center of town we got support coming from out station 3 and station 4,” said Brian Fish with the Medford Fire Department.

Brian Fish also said the department has the money set aside for the land acquisition, but not enough yet for a new fire station. He expects that would be 4 years or more down the road, depending on funding.

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  1. Tim says:

    Well I guess im going to have to move, Would you want sirens blaring outside your window at all hours of the night? How about the fire dept asking the people who live around there what they think? We with our taxes pay there wages, so I think that should give us some say so. That staition has been there for 60 years and seems to be working well, How is moving a few of blocks away going to help anyway? I think this is a big wast of money, TAX PAYORS MONEY. $337,000 could go a long way in training, and helping people. The next thing we are going to see is they now need new truck’s to go with there new station. WASTFULL

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