New Facebook Privacy Bill In Oregon

MEDFORD, Ore. — A bill in Salem would make it illegal for employers to ask job applicants for Facebook passwords. The goal is to protect people’s privacy online, but job seekers are being warned about what they put online to begin with.

Members of the Job Council say they urged job seekers to avoid putting their entire lives online, because employers are looking at more than just a paper resume. Even if this new bill in the Oregon House passes, they say don’t rely on just online privacy settings.

Oregon House Bill 2654 would make it against the law for an employer to ask for your social media passwords during job interviews, but the bill does not apply to anything that can freely be found on the Internet. So, members of the Job Council warn that people looking for a job should make sure their information online is clean.

The Job Council says they have not had any local reports of companies asking for applicants’ passwords, but they have heard of employers asking people to log in to their Facebook accounts and allow them to see their private information.

If the bill is passed, Oregon would not be the first state to protect privacy on social media. Maryland, Michigan and Illinois have all passed similar laws.