New Directional Signs Coming to Medford

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Downtown Medford may soon be getting new directional signage. The new wayfinding signage will more than likely be placed on poles around the city.

The signs will have directional arrows that will point to important buildings and landmarks.

The city of Medford is working in partnership with the University of Oregon to make this come together.  Recently, a committee has went through downtown and catalogued the signage already in place.  The next step is finding where the new signs need to go.

“When people come to visit downtown Medford for the first time, and they don’t really know what is available, this is the kind of thing that immediately points them in the right direction, and again it not only directs how to get to places, but it tells them what places they may want to go see, said Diane Bentley Raymond, the Executive Director of Metro Medford Downtown Association”

There are two types of signage the city is looking at putting into place.  One is for vehicles and the other is for pedestrians.  This is a multi-step process.  According to Raymond, the comprehensive plan of the signage and where it will be placed may be complete by the end of this year.