New “Dark Mail” May Help Deter NSA Spies

computer-keyboard-300x168(CNN) — A new email system aims to make it more difficult for the NSA to spy on you. It’s called “Dark Mail.” Just like Google’s Gmail and others, Dark Mail encrypts email content, shielding it from government spies.

But it also takes the extra step of cloaking your emails metadata, which includes the subject line and the ‘to’ and ‘from’ fields. That way, spies can’t easily identify who’s sending emails.

Dark Mail is not totally NSA proof. The government can still target a person and follow each email’s trail. But that would require tracing every stop along an email’s path, from device to server.


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  1. thomas mc menamin says:

    Hello its the worlds governments needs watching not the citizens.regards

  2. ks says:

    There are bad folks, be them citizens or citizens in government. But let’s not forget the good folks, they make the world worth living for.

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