New Curriculum May Come to Glendale High

Glendale High

GLENDALE, Ore. — Glendale High School could be one of two or three schools in the state to get a new natural resources curriculum, thanks to an OSU Outreach Program.

OSU representatives met with school staff and community members Wednesday morning to discuss the curriculum, which would integrate into all existing classes and topics. Teachers are given training in how to teach natural resources as part of their classrooms.

“It’s wrapped around the common core state standards so teachers don’t have to do any extra work,” Superintendent Brenyl Swanson commented. “It helps give them ideas to wrap around the curriculum that they’re teaching.”

The meeting was meant to explore the new curriculum. Glendale High teachers voiced their input on whether or not they wanted the school to participate. The district superintendent says he expects 100% support. If the program is accepted, it will begin next year.