New Cardiology Clinic Set to Open

4-8 rob web heartGRANTS PASS, Ore. — Providence is expanding services to Josephine County for the first time. Patients will no longer have to commute to Medford to see a cardiologist. This May, a new cardiology clinic will open in Grants Pass on Northwest Hawthorne Street.

Basic services for heart health will be offered, and some patients may still need to have tests done in Medford.

The clinic will be open one day a week at first, and will offer appointments with all of Providence’s cardiology team.

Providence cardiologist Dr. Manish Mehta said he regularly sees patients from Grants Pass and the new office could allow patients to get in much sooner.

“So we feel, why not go to Grants Pass and provide that service so that it would reduce the wait time, the patients would prefer it and hopefully we can help the community there,” said Dr. Mehta.

The hours and open date of the new clinic are expected to be announced later this month.


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  1. Edward B says:

    This report misleading and inaccurate. Patients do not have to commute to see a cardiologist or get diagnostic testing in Grants Pass. Dr. Brad Personius and Southern Oregon Cardiology have been supporting Josephine County residence on a full-time basis for nearly 20 years. Southern Oregon Cardiology has also hired an additional cardiologist who will live and work in Grants Pass full-time starting in September, offering even better service to the community. All of the SOC cardiologist have privileges and work at Three Rivers Hospital, keeping the most cardiac services local.

  2. Kelli Tolstoy says:

    Grants Pass has had cardiology services in Grants Pass since the early 2000’s. Southern Oregon Cardiology is a full service clinic with all available testing, including EKG’s, Echocardiograms, Nuclear studies, Pacemakers and Pacemaker clinic and Cardiac Angiograms. Southern Oregon Cardiology in association with Asante is ranked in the Top 100 of cardiology groups/services in the NATION. We service patients from Roseburg, the coast, Klamath Falls and Northern California. Our very own Dr. Gross implemented the ASSET protocol, in conjunction with Asante and all ambulance services, which gets ALL patients into the Cardiac Cath unit immediately upon arrival which has increased survival rate among heart attack patients. Although, it is great that Providence will be providing cardiology services in Grants Pass, this is a service to only those patients who have Providence insurance and any testing or services those patients may require will have to be done through a Providence facility in order to get paid or paid at a better rate. I have had experience dealing with Providence insurance and facilities from working in Portland for 17 years, they are very strict about where their patients going outside the system for services. If you are going to report on story please make sure you have ALL the facts. Your article makes it sound as if there have been no cardiac services in the Grants Pass area at all. In fact, Southern Oregon Cardiology Medford office welcomed a new doctor last year and is getting another one this August plus our Grants Pass office will also be welcoming a new physician. I am not asking that you feature us in any news cast or article just that you be objective and truthful when you do report.

    Thank you,
    Kelli Tolstoy

  3. Kelli Tolstoy says:

    To disclose up front I am a proud employee of Southern Oregon Cardiology, but I am representing my own personal views in the previous comments I submitted.

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