New Bill Would Require Bike Registration


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SALEM, Ore. — A bill proposed in Salem would require bicycles to be registered before they hit the road. Bicycle registration would cost the rider $10 and would also come with a $25 fine if the rider is found to have not completed registration.

The proposed bill has received mixed reaction from local riders. Senate bill 769 is in the early stages in Salem and was just introduced last week. It’s proposal however, has got the bicycle community talking.

The bill requires registration for all bicycles, with the registration fee going towards a newly formed “Bicycle Transportation Improvement Fund.” According to the bill, the money in that fund would go towards bicycle related maintenance projects.

Most riders don’t like the idea of the registration fee but say as long as the fee goes towards maintenance, it wouldn’t stop them from gripping the handle bars.

“If the money is going to go directly into a fund to fund more bike lanes and bicycle transportation and maybe some programs to get people riding their bikes more, then I think it’s a good idea,” said┬áDave “Fish” Patterson, Manager of Marty’s Cycles & More.

Patterson said he would love to see more bike lanes added around Medford and says extra funding for the Bear Creek Greenway would also benefit riders.

The future of the proposed bill is uncertain at this time, as no committee meetings have currently been scheduled.