New Bar at Former Shenanigans Site

MEDFORD, Ore. — The former location of Shenanigans Irish Pub could soon host a new venue, and the new owner says he wants to avoid the legal issues that plagued the former bar.

Jeff Rahenkamp, the owner of Phat Kat Tattoo is planning to open a new bar called The Pub” at the former Shenanigans location on Riverside avenue.

Before Shenanigans closed last year, it received numerous complaints from Medford Police and the OLCC about fights and public drunkenness. Rahenkamp said he is making changes to the management, and patio layout, and he says that should prevent similar problems.

Whereas the original layout, several bars to let patrons on to a central patio, The Pub would be the only establishment to use the outdoor seating area. A fence would be built to prevent access to other buildings.

“We’ve cut off various entrance points, we’ve scaled down the size of what it used to be, to more of a manageable size,” Rahenkamp said. “And these are all things that we’ve put in place to keep the problems from happening.”

Rahenkamp said he is working with the city of Medford, Medford Police, and the OLCC to get an outdoor liquor license, and hopes to complete the process in a couple months.


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  1. Ed says:

    That’s all we need here, another freaken bar

  2. Duane says:

    It’s very sad that the only business this town can attract is another bar.

  3. Rachelle says:

    I agree with Ed and Duane. How about we create more business’ that attract families.

  4. Aaron L says:

    I think it’s a great Idea, and I am thankful that someone is handling it responsibly… A healthy night life attracts good business to the area, something Medford really needs. It’s going to be a Bar/Restaurant anyway… Don’t believe the misconception that people only go to a Bar to get hammered.

  5. Gerad S says:

    Aaron, it’s nice to see some clear minded adults that can understand the importance of having a healthy night life in the valley. I was born and raised here. It has potential. There is an ever growing community of music lovers here. And thats we out here at The Pub are trying to bring!<We can be funny still right? The bar scene here has been the same for a while. I think its time for a change. In the correct direction of course. When a community stands up and says things that are on their minds… those "in charge" should listen. I think Mr. Rahenkamp has something here…

  6. Damien R. says:

    The negative comments are quite funny… Rachelle thinks the old Shenanigans should be turned into a place for children. Do family friendly businesses really exist right next to strip clubs?!? No.

    There are a few responsible people trying to set up healthy adult entertainment locations in Medford. We should appreciate their efforts as they improve downtown Medford. I also grew up here and as I drive around downtown Medford, I’m impressed with the work that has been done in the last 10 years.

    I applaud your efforts, keep up the good work!

  7. Rachel says:

    I don’t see what the issue is with having another bar. If adults want to gather and do ADULT things then its within their rights to do so. The argument that bars directly lead to people getting drunk and acting like fools is ridiculous, because I have neighbors who get drunk and act like morons on a regular basis and they do it at their house, EVERY DAY. You can’t stop stupidity and eliminating bars isn’t going to stop people from drinking. Does anyone remember what the prohibition was? Pub Ink was a fun place, I was disappointed to see that it shut down. I think Jeff will do a fine job operating the next bar he opens.
    As for all of you who think that there should be more family oriented establishments, why don’t you go open one yourself. Besides, I can list off a dozen or more family oriented places off the top of my head, I don’t see how opening a bar at the former location of a bar is a bad thing. Besides, like mentioned above, who is going to open a family or child oriented place next to a strip club? Nobody.

  8. D$ says:

    Jeff’s Bar will be an asset to Night life in Medford !! Pub INk Was Great !! Music Staff and atmosphere they created was nice. I don’t see his next venture failing either. All he has to do is have the proper security and support from the patrons.

  9. Doc says:

    The nightlife and club scene is essential for adult social and networking. Instead of sitting at home, people get together with friends and family. Local and out of state business owners (of all ages) gather for a less stressful environment and discuss business. Others get together because they haven’t seen each other in forever.
    The other bars get patrons because customers want to go out for the night and have a few places to go. when places get too full or people want different scene, head to the next place. It makes sense to have places within walking distance after consuming beverages.
    I personally enjoyed Jeff’s bar and he even gave me a walk-through with a friend to see what is in progress, if the city lets it progress. Never had an issue in his Bar..he was very personable.
    The state is getting so much money from the liquor sold and taxed, it is assumed the city gets a cut. Why would they not approve? The Bars/Clubs have been longstanding money for the city, way past all the come and go stores that are not providing enough funding.

    I am not interested in going to an after hours place that has a strict dress code and overbearing security in a tight place. I would call it a prejudice of sorts. It was nice to commingle with a diverse crowd and Shenanigans was the first place to provide a Vegas like multi-bar establishment that grows a small town. Customers came to Medford, just to hear the live music or be a part.

    If family environment is wanted, do not go to the Bar! What kids under 21 are supposed to be out at 12AM and later? Medford needs the income Day & Night. At least you know where everyone is.

  10. CBH says:

    It seems that more people are concerned with possible past involvements of the parties involved , and have lost focus of the possible benefits. Although it seems a few people have the right idea.. Small business is the engine of the US economy, and contributes to the vast majority of employment. Small business is a critical component and a major contributor to the strength of the local community, by offering new employment opportunities, stimulating growth and innovation, attract talent and contributing to local events. We should be hoping for its success! Besides, the more money the business makes gives the potential that more tax dollars will be put back into the community for police, fire departments and schools. Entrepreneurs are the backbone of local creativity and production; this is just the testing of a business idea. Instead, why don’t we give it a chance, and support its growth! We cannot use past failures and immediately associate them with a new idea. I think the mistakes of the past are thoroughly understood here, and everything is being done to avoid them. If no one is willing to try something new, let’s just leave the building vacant until it becomes condemned. Or better yet, let’s just put another McDonalds or Wal-Mart.

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