Providence Pays for Athletic Trainer

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CENTRAL POINT, Ore. — As any athlete can tell you, jamming your fingers, twisting your ankle or even pulling a muscle are all injuries that come with the territory, but even though they’re common, they are painful and can take athletes out of the game. So having an athletic trainer on the sidelines is really important.

Crater High School has been paying for their trainer, but this season, Providence will be covering those medical services. Brittany Elmore, an athletic trainer with Providence says kids are under a lot of pressure to play well despite injuries, so she tries to watch out for anyone who may be hurting.

“The mental aspect can be huge on the physical aspect of it just because if they think they can do more than they can or if they think they can do less than they can then they can push themselves and can cause injury just because of that alone.” She says her goal is to help kids get what they need fast, so they can get back to playing as normal. She meets with players before and after practices and is also at games.

She is available to help athletes all sports at Crater High School and when she’s not at school, she spends her time at Providence working as a trainer in a clinic.