Group Challenges Oregon Equality Act

Gay PridePORTLAND, Ore. — An Oregon petition is going around to allow businesses with religious beliefs to opt out of serving gay or lesbian couples getting married.

This comes on the heels of Arizona’s controversial bill that would have allowed the same thing. That bill was vetoed Wednesday night by Arizona’s governor.

Now, an Oregon group is pitching the “Protect Religious Freedom Initiative.” They say it will protect Oregonians who choose not to take part in same-sex ceremonies that violate their religious beliefs.

Supporters say this law is different from Arizona’s because it is specifically about marriage ceremonies, but those against it call it discrimination.

“That’s not what this law is. This is about allowing corporations and businesses to discriminate against gay and lesbian couples on their wedding day,” said Mike Marshall with Oregon United for Marriage.

Seven years ago, the state adopted the “Oregon Equality Act”, making it illegal to discriminate against anyone based on their sexual orientation.


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  1. Susan says:

    All the businesses need to do is post in the open, that they reserve the right to refuse service to anyone at owner’s discretion. They don’t need to change laws. If the hateful bakery in Portland would have done that, and posted their requirements for service, there would be no problem. The owners had a terrible attitude that would embarrass any Christian, and created quite a bunch of lies over their own mistakes. That owner of the bakery went on FB to post a racial rant, rants toward even their own christian customers calling them fat c—-s. Not anyone I would want to do business with anyway. You can google it as it was saved before he removed it. “racist anti-gay rant by Sweetcakes owner”. Those people are about as fake as it gets. Liars hiding behind their religion to feed their hate and anger. It’s NOT acceptable to mix religion and prejudice..that breeds people like the Sweetcakes owners and the KKK.

  2. Wanda Padgett says:

    My niece in MN said it best:
    Kudos to Jan Brewer for voting down a ridiculous law. Did we learn nothing from civil rights? Citing religion to deny ANYONE anything just irks me. Believe what you want, but don’t use it to justify your actions. Practice your faith in your own ways, but don’t let it bleed out and infringe on the rights of others. Doesn’t God say love thy neighbors? I highly doubt he qualifies it with “as long as they aren’t gay”.

  3. Dennis says:

    I’d sign it in a heartbeat if I could. Anything anti gay is ok. I’m a poet and I didn’t know it.

  4. Sue says:

    This is not a question of “discrimination” . It is not even a “question” for those who are genuine born-againChristians who BELIEVE and OBEY the clear Word of God—the Bible. It is a matter of believing and obeying what God says. If He says it is “abomination”, and is sin, then that settles it.

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