New Airmen Added to Kingsley Air Base

airmenKLAMATH FALLS, Ore. —  The Kingsley Air Base is adding 84 active duty airmen.  This is the first time the base has ever had active duty members on staff.

The new additions include pilots and maintenance personnel. They are moving from all over the United States and will start arriving in October.

This increase comes after the air force reported a jump in active duty pilots.

“To increase their numbers we need to grow to support that requirement,” said Andrew Bowman, Captain of the 173 Fighter Wing. “So right now with our rural amount of aircraft and personnel we just can’t meet that new requirement.”

The air base will also get seven new aircrafts bringing their total aircrafts up to 32.

The airmen expansion is expected to generate 7 million dollars into the local economy with new families moving in and construction projects.