D.A. Office Explosion Wakes Neighbors

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Neighbors living next to the D.A.’s office said they worried the flames could spread to other houses and apartments.

Neighbors had an up close look early this morning, all they had to do was just look over a fence. They watched as police and firefighters responded to the explosion at the Jackson County District Attorney’s Office.

“I just heard this really loud noise.”

Jose Albarran was woken up by a loud boom.

“At first I thought it was a gun or something,” he said.

He looked over his back fence, and saw flames at the Jackson County District Attorney’s Office.

“We saw the propane tank and it was on fire, and the window was broken, and a bunch of smoke was coming out,” Albarran said. “It actually kind of freaked me out, because I’m sleeping, and we don’t know, the thing could blow up and cause a lot of damage to the houses around it.”

Other neighbors along 10th and 11th Streets watched the flames and called 911.

“It caught on fire pretty good, especially with how cold it was out there, to catch something like that on fire, it took a lot of fuel,” said Kyle Carson.

Police walked through the area Wednesday interviewing neighbors. 10th street was blocked off as the bomb was investigated. Next door at the law offices, they were delayed getting into work, but were thankful no one was hurt.

“Just relieved that everybody next door was fine, that nobody was present when the device detonated,” said Kimberly Bowlen, an attorney at that office.

Neighbors are thankful as well. They said the device could have threatened the entire neighborhood. Albarran hopes this is the last time something like this happens right outside his back door.