Neighbors Save Man’s Ranch from Fire

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WILLIAMS, Ore. – While no homes were lost in the Pacifica fire, that almost wasn’t the case for one rancher on Powell Creek Road.

Mack Stewart has owned and worked on his ranch for a decade. When the fire hit, the 83-year old chose to fight back. He says the fire, which left scorched earth within feet of his barn and house, would have won if not for the help of some altruistic neighbors.

“Our neighbors came out, just poured out of nowhere,” said Stewart. “They got shovels and dragged hoses out.”

Kyle Fisher was one of those neighbors. He says when he and his grandfather had to evacuate their property, they decided to lend a hand at another instead.

They arrived in their red pickup truck, joined by another group of neighbors with a water tank and a power hose. While they sprayed down the property, he and his grandfather worked for three or four hours with nothing but hand tools and coolers full of water.

“I ran around the house and turned on the sprinklers and grabbed the hose and just ran it through their yard,” said Fisher. “I just did what I could.”

Stewart says were it not for that, he could have lost everything.

“Well I don’t imagine the house would look like it is, and I don’t imagine the barn would be standing,” said Stewart.

He says he still doesn’t even know who his benefactors were, but he says he’d like to meet them again for a proper introduction, and to thank them in person.