Neighbors React to Stabber Arrest

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MEDFORD, Ore. — A small memorial is set up in Maria Rodriguez’s honor at her apartment off of Table Rock Road.   A candle, flowers, and a picture set on the doorstep.  With the murder suspect now behind bars, neighbors said feel relieved.

“I’m thrilled he’s been caught,” said Diana Starr.

Up until this point, residents said they had been scared to go outside.  Cindy McMurphy, another neighbor, thought he was going to come back.  She said she had barely slept since the murder occurred on Sunday.

Now residents want to see justice.

“I think he deserves the same as what she got. That’s the way I figure it — I mean somebody commits a crime like that — they should get the same thing,” said Medford resident Lee Quinn.

However, not everyone feels that way.

“Even though it would cost us, the taxpayers, the worst punishment a person like this could receive is life without parole,” said Starr. “So he has to think about what he’s done until the day he dies.”


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  1. NICOLE wells says:

    i am reading this e-mail i myself regret being a worldly person screw medford oregon are you people serious wait til my boyfriend read this article i lost very valable people worth so much this is what this city is about i am going on strike over this bs you worryed about yall f***ed money than about people that is sad this city

    1. Dean says:

      Is this a riddle? Maybe you”re typing in code? Maybe you have a disease that prevents you from forming sentences, or using spell check?

      1. mark says:

        The result of a failed educational system?

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