Neighbors Allege Pony Abuse

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MEDFORD, Ore. — A Medford woman says she is baffled that more isn’t being done to protect a neglected animal. She says her neighbors tied an injured pony to a post and left it there for hours without food, water, or shelter.

Deseray Brown says she could not just stand by and watch as a pony on a rural Medford property suffered. Brown says, on Thursday, the pony got loose and hit by a car on Bellinger Lane that night.

The next day, Brown and a neighbor demanded the owner have a vet come out and treat the pony. The animal was stitched up, but what happened next caused brown to call law enforcement.

“Seeing the pony tied up two days, three days later really upset me, with no water, no food,” said Deseray Brown.

Brown says she and a neighbor went onto the property – without the owner’s permission – to free the horse.

“Couldn’t get out of the tied down position it was in, because it was tangled so tight, the ropes were so tight, you couldn’t even pull them off, you had to cut them off,” Brown explained.

NewsWatch12 talked with that neighbor – who didn’t want to go on camera – but did say she doesn’t believe the horse was neglected. As for Brown, the horse’s humane treatment trumps any neighborly aims.

“As an animal owner, we have three horses here ourselves, for anyone to do that and get away with that is beyond me,” said Brown.

NewsWatch12 contacted Jackson County Animal Control, which said the department does not handle large animal cases. The Sheriff’s Office was not available for comment. As of Monday night, the pony is still at the neighbors’ and Deseray Brown doesn’t believe any charges have been filed.


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  1. CHristina says:

    WHat is being done to help this pony – I will come get it – please give me an update this is not right

  2. Karen Thompson says:

    At the very least remove the pony from that property and slap a huge fine on the people responsible. Then advise them that they are no long allowed to own any animals that they obviously can’t take care of. How absurd is this…they don’t think the pony was neglected???

  3. theodore says:


  4. Bev says:

    WE HAVE OFFICIAL VERIFICATION that the owners did indeed re-home the pony! More details to follow later today!!!

  5. acsheart says:

    Never, never be afraid to do what’s right, especially if the well being of a person or animal is at stake. Society’s punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our souls when we look the other way. — Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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