Negotiations End Without Resolution

2-5 rob webMEDFORD, Ore. — Negotiations continued between the Medford Education Association (MEA) and the Medford School District on Saturday. It all began around 9 a.m. and went for nearly 12 hours into the evening.

According to the MEA, both the teachers and the District exchanged bargaining proposals during the session.

The next session is schedule for 2 p.m. on Tuesday, the same day students will return to class.


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  1. Ryan Navickas says:

    I see Medford Teachers striking not just for a fair contract, but for the precedence of public education as a cultural priority. Does the school board value public education, or are they just trying to dismantle it from within in favor of parochial or regressive private education? I support public education and competitive salaries for Teachers. Our kids are our future engineers,scientists, artists, educators, and workers. Like our roads and rails, our educational system is our economic infrastructure at the deepest level, not to mention the thread of our social fabric. Let’s keep our priorities straight.

  2. Jared says:

    If you teachers want support, then explain to me what is unfair right now. Help us underatand your position because right now you look like a mob of greedy people wanting more money.

    You make fantastic money… convince me that greed isn’t the root cause of this strike.

  3. Chad says:

    Ryan: You talk about “regressive” private education. If anything describes Public Education in the United States over the last 40 years, YOUR word “regressive” defines it perfectly.

    America’s public education system is falling further behind, Unions are NOT helping that issue.

  4. Real Talk Homie says:

    Jared, I don’t think the teachers care one whit whether or nor they have the support of one person.

    Chad, America is falling behind. Public education is just the most visible and the easiest to blame. Have you ever though about putting some of the blame on the parents of these kids who have no desire to learn? Teachers are the least of our society’s problems.

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