Negotiations Continue During Strike

kocwebMEDFORD, Ore. – Wednesday’s meeting will be the first time the Medford School District and the Medford Education Association come together to negotiate since Saturday’s twelve hour meeting.

On Tuesday, both sides met for a brief check-in, but because the meeting Wednesday is a bargaining session, it is expected to last much longer.

Tuesday was also the first day students were back to school with the substitutes. The district says there were a few issues that have been fixed.

Students at South Medford High School gathered for a “walk-out” just before 11 A.M. Wednesday to show support for their teachers after the second day of class. Others at North Medford High School say they’re running into problems with the new security rules.

One student at North Medford High School said a security guard told her she couldn’t have breakfast because she was carrying a pro-teacher sign.

“I walked on campus, and I was carrying the sign, and they told me I couldn’t I wasn’t allowed on campus, because I was carrying the sign, so I went to go set it down, and they said I wasn’t allowed on campus if I was part of the strike” Madison Miller explained.

Miller said she would not try to go back on campus Wednesday. Instead she planned to be picketing with the teachers.

The district says the principal at North Medford High School was not aware of the incident.

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  1. Annette says:


    I simply have one questi9on to ask…If we are ranked at 43rd in the country (www.oregonlive.com), why should I support the Teachers’ Strike?

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