Near Record Highs This Week

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High pressure offshore and a thermal trough inland will continue to bring hot, sunny and dry conditions to the area through the week. The thermal trough will be move from the coast to west side valleys tomorrow and that means onshore flow will return to the coast, which means an end to the Chetco Effect around mid-day tomorrow. That thermal trough will weaken and continue push east and will be east of the Cascades on Wednesday, this means tomorrow will be the hottest day of the week. We have seen this type of heat since the end of July! Highs will be closer to records than averages! For a look at what those records are for many of our local cities, like me on Facebook.

With hot and extremely dry conditions returning this week, remember that we’re still in Fire Season and fire danger level is at extreme and regulations are in place. While the thermal trough will weaken and move out of our area by week’s end, meaning slightly cooler temperatures; with temperatures this hot it will be difficult to notice the difference. Be sure to keep yourself and your pets cool and hydrated through the week.

Thanks for logging on and stay cool out there!

Meteorologist Megan Parry