National Push for Concussion Awareness

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With about 250,000 emergency room visits by young athletes annually, President Obama is calling for a national push to conduct more youth concussion research. Local Physical Therapists and Coaches are weighing in on what that research funding could do to help players on the field.

The White House announced initiatives last Thursday, including an effort to help start a national concussion database through the University of California, Los Angeles, as well as a $30 million partnership between the National Collegiate Athletic Association and the Department of Defense to fund the most comprehensive clinical study of concussions among college athletes.

The NFL said it will commit $25 million to work with the National Athletic Trainers Association to get more athletic trainers in high schools. Currently, about half of all high schools have no athletic trainers on their sidelines.

This push follows an Oregon state law passed in January that requires players leave the field any time they are even suspected of having a concussion.  Coaches have to receive a medical clearance form before returning injured players to practice or games.