National Organization Recognizes OSP

CENTRAL POINT, Ore. – A national organization is recognizing Oregon State Police for a change in its traffic citation process.

At the Oregon State Police Central Point Office, all of the troopers are equipped with a new technology system in their vehicles called an e-ticket program, which has caught the attention of the National Association of State Chief Information Officers.

The organization is recognizing OSP as a finalist for its 2012 Recognition Award For Outstanding Achievement. The e-ticket program is a system where troopers can electronically log information and even print out tickets in their cars. Before the program started, troopers wrote nearly 200,000 citations a year by hand, and then copies were hand delivered to the courts or other offices.

“We do not have time to go physically run these hand written cites or crashes down to DMV or down to the courts, and so this whole program is all about the labor saving the cost savings to the state,” said Oregon State Police Sgt. Jeff Allison.

The e-ticket program cost about $2.5 million that includes the hardware, software equipment and installations. The Oregon Department of Transportation and Oregon Judicial Department helped design the new technology with OSP.