National Guard Packs Up

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GLENDALE, Ore.– After 19 days, the National Guard packed up and left their camp at the Douglas Complex fire.

“We have plenty of room, we have 160 acres so it worked out fine,” said Glendale resident Jerry Cuff.

Dozens of National Guards members, vehicles and several helicopters called Cuff’s ranch home for nearly three weeks. As containment continues and evacuations and road closures are lifted, the National Guard members from across Oregon are heading back to their respective bases.

“Once we roll out tonight, there’s going to be about roughly 22 members staying for another two weeks manning some check points around the southern Oregon area,” said Specialist James Burdge.

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  1. Teresa Burdge says:

    Very proud of the National Guard and especially our son, Specialist James Burdge! Last year at this time James was deployed in Afghanistan while serving in the Army. So, it didn’t surprise his family and friends at all that he volunteered to help out with the fires!

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