Farmer’s Market Week Wraps Up

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JACKSONVILLE, Ore. — Triple digit temperatures didn’t scare away visitors or vendors from Jacksonville’s Farmers Market on Sunday.

Applegate Valley farmer Tyson Fehrman moved from Wisconsin earlier this year and opened By George Farm. He sees farmer’s markets as a great platform for getting his farm’s name out there.

“Exposure, getting our name out there.  Letting people know where we are, that we are local and growing organic,” Ferhman said. This weekend wrapped up National Farmer’s Market Week. Statistics show that nationwide there are more than double the amount of recorded farmer’s markets this year than there were in 2000.

“Even in the down economy farmer’s markets are growing across the nation.” Rogue Valley Growers and Crafters Market Business Manager Lori Hopkinson said farmer’s markets supply a boost to local economies.

“People are realizing that their local food dollars stretch further so not only can they buy fresh food but when they buy it local, that recirculates into the community,” Hopkinson said.

Fehrman agreed and said farmer’s markets are a great way for farms to maximize profit. “Absolutely, it’s the best way for farmers to make money. It’s the most direct way for us to get our product to the consumer. We get most of the food dollar versus taking it to a grocery store and getting it wholesale price.”

Fehrman said they will be at the Jacksonville Farmer’s Market through October and a lot can be learned at a farmer’s market. “Community! Knowing your neighbors, knowing your grower, knowing where it came from what was used to grow it,” he said.