“Nap Nanny” Warning: Another Baby Death

nap nanny1WASHINGTON, D.C– A 6th baby has died since 2010 as a result of the Nap Nanny, according the Consumer Product and Safety Commission.  The death happened several months ago in New Jersey, but the CPSC is just now finding out about it.

The most recent death of an infant renews the effort to get 10’s of thousands of “Nap Nanny’s” out of homes and into the trash. Because the company that manufactured the items, Baby Matters, LLC, is now out of business, there is no refund being offered to many people who purchased the dangerous item.

nap nannyHowever, the CPSC says that four retailers have voluntarily offered people who purchased the Nap Nanny through them a refund option. Diapers.com, Amazon.com, Babies R Us, and Bye, Bye, Baby have all stepped up to issue a voluntary recall.  Anyone who purchased the item in question from one of those retailers should contact the retailer directly for options.

But for the many people who shopped at smaller or different retailers, garage sales, thrift stores, or received the item from a family member or friend, the CPSC says the best option is to throw the Nap Nanny away.  CPSC Communications Director Scott Wolfson says they are “deeply concerned another baby could be seriously hurt or killed.”

Because the company is out of business, there is no risk of adding to the more than 150,000 Nap Nanny’s that have been sold.  But there is concern about online sales sites like Ebay.com or Craigslist.com, as well as yard sales, and thrift stores.  It is illegal in the US to resale a Nap Nanny.