N. California Fires Close Hiking Trails

klamath fireYREKA, Calif. — With dozens of lightning strikes hitting the Klamath National Forest in the past three days, dozens of small wildfires are starting to burn.

While no evacuations have been issued, two popular hiking trails are closed for the time being.

The US Forest Service estimates there are 40 fires burning in the area, and are considering four of those fire to be large.  The Whites Fire in White Gulch has triggered the closure of the Pacific Crest Trail from Carter Meadows to Etna Summit.

“They are concerned with the fire activity, it is basically a completely uncontained fire so the perimeter is unchecked,” said Kerry Greene, a public information officer with the US Forest Service.

The Shackleford trail near Fort Jones is also closed.  Type One and Type Two Incident Management teams are on their way to the Klamath National Forest and should arrive by Saturday.