Music Teacher Remembers David Grubbs

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ASHLAND, Ore. — David Grubbs switched from violinist to base in the sixth grade and became a part of the orchestra team. Music teacher Gerry Pare remembers the boy back then, saying the music wasn’t the only thing that led him to this group.

“[He] just enjoyed being with us and, you know, the orchestra is kind of like a family and I think that did it for him,” Pare said.

Pare described Grubbs as very serious and dedicated about his work, but says he had a silly personality, sharing laughs in between the grind of orchestra practice.

“They had their own private jokes,” Pare recalled, “it was all back in the base section, not really involving anybody else, but it was going on all the time.”

After Grubbs left her classroom in 2006, she said they kept in contact and saw him several times a week at the Shop N Kart store he worked at.

“He always spoke to me, ‘How’s orchestra going, Gerry?’ […] My kids knew him, everybody knew David,” said Pare.

Pare also said although Grubbs joked a lot in her classroom, he was very respectful, and she cannot understand what could have prompted anyone to hurt him in such a way.

“I cant imagine, I cant imagine that he would’ve been into anything, involved in anything, that just wasn’t David,” Pare stated.

Grubbs’ base still sits in the classroom passed on from student to student,and now music, the one thing that brought them together once, is what is helping her cope now.

“Coming back to me, some of the specific pieces that we played while he was here at the high school; he just loved being with us and I miss him a lot,” Pare said.