Murder Victim’s Father Helping Homeless

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MEDFORD, Ore. – The father of a murder victim is hoping to help the community. Tabasaha Paige Criado’s father’s is asking for support from several organizations to help him get started.

Marzuq Johnson lost his daughter and grandchildren to what police called one of Southern Oregon’s worst murder cases. Now, Johnson wants to start a fishing program for the homeless community, envisioning it will help their self-esteem. He says the homeless could go on these fishing trips and catch their own food without depending on shelters.

Johnson knows firsthand what it’s like to be homeless. When he was 10 years old in New Orleans, he did not have a home. Later in his life, he found himself homeless again after Hurricane Katrina. Johnson said he could also see this program helping more than just the homeless.

“what happened to my daughter is something that was a tragedy and i don’t think the community has gotten over yet, much less myself. But i think the fishing is a total different approach, you know? But it will help some people who are victims of domestic violence or victims of different circumstances,” said Marzuq Johnson.

Several community organizations like united way, access and the city of Ashland are excited about the idea. The organizations plan to take a survey and see if this idea interests the homeless community.