Murder Victims’ Family Moving Forward

By Bryan Navarro

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — Tabasha’s family is remembering the first anniversary of the five deaths. Just after the murders, Paige-Criado’s brother came to Medford; since those first days, he’s been trying to focus on the positives instead of the tragedy.

Jesse Adams lives in Phoenix, Arizona, but on the one-year anniversary of his sister’s death he’s in Bakersfield, California, visiting his sister’s gravesite for the first time since her funeral. He’s spending the day with his family, hoping they focus on the positives and move forward in their own way. For Jesse, that means changing careers and becoming a paramedic.

“That’s been my focus: to try to touch as many people’s lives and try to save somebody else’s family member,” he says.

The tragedy from one year ago is permanent, and so is the way he’s honoring his sister: with a tattoo featuring one of her favorite sayings.

“It said, ‘live life, laugh often, and love always’. It touched me so much, because that’s how she represented herself,” says Adams. “I went and got a set of praying hands, with the banner that says those three things, and the end of it says: ‘In God’s Hands’.”

Adams says he’s trying to get his family moving on; he says that’s what Tabasha would have wanted.