Murder Victim Positively Identified

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MEDFORD, Ore. — The District Attorney’s Office says comparing fingerprints from the body to the national FBI database led to the positive identification of Robert Haney as the victim of a September 9th murder.

An autopsy was performed Wednesday on Haney, but results are not available yet. Yellow caution tape continues to block off two access roads to the 20-acre Wimer property of Susan Monica. This is the seventh day investigators have been on scene searching for evidence. Neighbors say it has not slowed down.

The sheriff’s office originally showed up to the suspect’s door to investigate an identity theft case after Haney’s family reported him missing on New Year’s Day. Investigators then discovered evidence that lead to two murder charges and two abuse of a corpse charges.

Many in the local community say she was a bit odd, but never rude to strangers. The owner of the Wimer Way Café says she would come in once or twice a month, typically with someone different every time.

“Very disturbing to be around, but never rude to me, never anything like that. She was always very nice and polite. She was always trying to help people that I’ve seen,” said Billy Swearingen at Wimer Way Café.

Other community members say she was an experienced welder and her work can be seen throughout the area. Investigators say Haney had been living on Monica’s property in a camper at the time and that Monica had been using his Oregon Trail Card for months without him present.