Murder Suspects In Court

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MEDFORD, Ore. — The two women arrested for the murder of 34-year-old Michael Christopher MacCallum appeared in court on Monday.

The victim’s wife, Tricia, and her step-sister, Amber Lubbers, faced extradition to California. More than half a dozen family members were in an emotional court room Monday afternoon as both MacCallum and Lubbers faced extradition to California; however the two woman made different decisions.

27-year-old Lubbers waived the option of having an attorney for her extradition and the state of California has 21 days to pick her up and take her to Siskiyou County. 26-year-old Tricia MacCallum chose to have an attorney represent her next Monday on a fugitive complaint hearing. The state of California will have to prove that it is indeed Patricia MacCallum they are looking for.

Both women were arrested Friday evening by the Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office for charges in the premeditated murder of Tricia’s husband Chris MacCallum. His body was found on November 20th at the base of a steep cliff on the California side of the border south of Applegate Lake.

Family members say they believe authorities have the wrong people and hope other people will come forward with information.

“Never been in any kind of trouble before in their life,” said Sean Underwood, Lubber’s father-in-law. “They’re extraditing them to California, where they won’t have family around them, they won’t have friends around them, they won’t be able to communicate with anybody.”