Murder Suspect’s Family Speaks Out

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MEDFORD, Ore. — A Medford man is now in custody for the killing of Frank Damiano, also known as Tony Della Penna. Now, that suspect’s family is speaking out.

The suspect, 34-year old Merlin Bound, faces charges of murder, assault in the first degree, and burglary. While bound remains in jail with no possibility of bail, detectives with the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office continue the investigation.

Bound was arrested in his Medford home overnight. At this point, the sheriff’s office isn’t revealing any information about bound’s relationship with Della Penna or apparent motive in this case.

Crews with the sheriff’s office scanned the highway near the North Medford exit today in search of evidence related to Bound’s reported involvement in this murder. They say they’re very confident Bound is the right suspect, and now hope to gather more evidence that can inform the district attorney’s prosecution.

Meanwhile, Bound’s family says he would never willingly commit such an act.

“He’s been an example to his children. You know, he’s provided for his family for so long. He’s not the type of person who just does this,” said Malinda Bound suspect’s wife.

Bound has no recent criminal history. He had been convicted of burglary about 15 years ago, but has never been charged with a violent crime. He currently faces charges of murder, assault in the first degree, and burglary with no possibility of bail, although those exact charges are not final.

Prosecution will go through the district attorney’s office, and bound will have to be indicted by a grand jury. Detectives with the sheriff’s office say they hope to have more information ready for the public soon, likely within the next few days. Bound’s arraignment is set for Wednesday at 1:30 p.m.