Murder Investigation Taking its Toll

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WIMER, Ore. – Music drifts from the sanctuary of the Evans Valley Bible Church early Sunday morning – a tradition for residents of Wimer. But lately it has also been a much needed source of comfort.

“People are grieving in this community,” said the church pastor Scott Purrier. “It’s not often something this heinous comes to Wimer, Oregon.”

Purrier says he has been receiving calls from people ever since the investigation began — some unable to sleep at night, others unable to accept that something so horrible may have come from someone they know.

“People just reach out to each other and care about each other, and are really involved in each other’s lives,” said Purrier.

In the past week, sheriff’s deputies discovered two dismembered bodies on Susan Monica’s property — one identified as 56-year old Robert Haney.

Meanwhile investigators continue to search for evidence, and even those merely intrigued by the circumstances say the swirl of rumors is unavoidable.

“We don’t know, we’re just waiting to see what comes out of it and whether they really prove that she did what she’s accused of,” said Wimer resident Sandy Thorne.

While residents await answers, community leaders like Purrier are looking for ways to start the healing process. The Evans Valley Bible Church is now considering a special service for people looking to share their grief.

Purrier says he also hopes to spread a message of forgiveness.

“I’d say, Susan, Jesus loves you,” said Purrier. “And boy that’s a wonderful thing.”

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  1. Friends of Dave Lewis says:

    Thank God this Pastor is doing something & helping this community to heal. When Dave Lewis & Troy Dean Carney were both found heinously murdered, on the same day; Sheriff Winters did not notify the public that killers were at large. The killers of these heinous crimes walk free. There was no press conference, no public awareness campaign and certainly no help for healing. Shame on Mike Winters, he would never meet with either family, the mother of one victim, or the children & sister of the other. The community was kept in the dark & the Sheriff swept the crimes under the rug.

    God Bless this Pastor & community for doing the right thing. God Speed

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